About Us

The Participatory Media Lab is co-hosted at the Communications and New Media Programme of the National University of Singapore and the Law School of Singapore Management University (see our contact info and the original press release). Read also about this site.


We strive to produce original analyses of media production, distribution and reuse practices, using well-known and new methodological frameworks, borrowing elements from information management, microeconomics, network theory, law and new media theory and practice. To this end we also develop tools for data collection, analysis and simulation of large media eco-systems. We have a special interest in — and affection for — participatory practices and peer-based production models, and therefore dedicate a large share of our work to the study of open licensing, peer production and remixing practices. We also encourage a participatory culture among ourselves, where everyone can contribute new ideas, irrespective of seniority.


To become a world-class center for interdisciplinary research and practice in the digital media space that is highly original, methodologically sound, and relevant to the needs of business and society in Singapore, the region, and beyond.


We are just a small group for now, but our ideas and our networks are huge! Or so we like to think. For now it's just us, a bunch of desktops, laptops, and of course, our friends.

Lab Head

Giorgos Cheliotis, Assistant Professor, Communications and New Media, NUS (photo|cv|blog)

PI on CC-Monitor Project

Warren Chik, Assistant Professor, School of Law, SMU (photo|cv)

Research Assistants

Ankit Guglani (photo|cv|blog)

Clint Mark Lumantao Gono (photo|cv)


Jude Yew, PhD student, School of Information, University of Michigan (blog)

Past members

Bhatt Dev, Anupama Shekhar

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