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Our research is both labor-intensive and often computationally intensive. Being a small team, we are always in need of more machines and more qualified people who can code, write and dream. See below for a short list of research topics we are interested in.

Research Themes

  • Media analytics
  • Reuse practices in media, software and society
  • Media distribution strategies
  • Trust and reciprocity in online communities
  • DRM and legal solutions to the copyright debate
  • Social behavior and new issues in virtual worlds

Research Grants

  • SMU Research Grant for CC-Monitor Phase II
  • SMU Research Grant for CC-Monitor Phase I
  • Past: IBM Research Grant for Grid ROI Project


  • Sociotechnical and empirical legal analysis of online sharing practices
  • Data collection from search engines, online websites and communities
  • Analysis and visualization of large 'cultural' and other datasets
  • New media economics, pricing and market design
  • Discrete event simulation
  • Management consulting
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